Mille Notti Spa Collection

When your day to day life feels like a never ending cycle of stressful duties, it is important to schedule time for rest and recovery. One way to gather new energy is to treat yourself to a home spa experience with our organic spa collection that includes everything from soaps and body care products to scented candles. The entire range is manufactured by hand in Sweden, is free from harmful substances and has natural classic scents where everyone can find their own favorite.

The range includes liquid soap and soap bars, bath salt, body oil, body scrub and scented candles. The scents are the refreshing and masculine ORANGE BLOSSOM, exclusive and deep CEDAR WOOD, feminine GREENTEA & SILK, crisp CUCUMBER FRESH, timeless LAVENDER and finally WHITELILY & ALMOND which smells like freshly washed clothes that have hung out to dry in the sun. Most of the products come in beautiful jars and bottles made from exclusive Italian frosted glass. The idea is that the spa collection should be both decorative in the bathroom and lovely to use on your skin.

Create your own home spa with our spa collection