Mille Notti has a wide selection of pillows

There was a time when us Swedes just made our bed using pillows in the standard size of 50×60 cms. And never more than one pillow per person! But luckily, those days are gone. For some time now the trend is moving towards making your bed with several pillows in various sizes.

A couple of pillows that has become very popular at Mille Notti are our so called “hotel pillows” Como down pillow and Lugano fiber pillow in the measurement 50×90 cms. The pillows are comfortable to sleep on as they cover the entire bed, but also very attractive to make your bed with. Place them in the back of the bed to use as support for reading or place them in the front for an unusual effect. The possibilities are endless! In addition to our pillows in 50×60 and 50×90 cms Mille Notti offers a wide selection of other measurements.

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