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Alberto Continental Bed

Dark grey

Article number:10050_032
Stylish, low continental bed in a new modern design that invites you to maximum sleeping comfort. Alberto is our first bed model that is available covered in our exclusive velvet fabric, which adds an extra feeling of luxury and sophistication to the bedroom. Alberto is also available in our elegant and durable linen-structured upholstery fabric. The design is stylish and low, which gives an exciting and modern look. The bed has an almost floating appearance with a recessed T leg fixture. Made by hand, Alberto features double spiral systems with excellent responsiveness to maximise your comfort. In the spring mattress is a pressure-relieving, so-called Chess pocket, with active springback to support the body. This means you are not woken by your own movements while sleeping or by anyone sleeping next to you. Above the Chess pockets is a layer of soft natural latex for a comfortable, soft surface. The sleeping surface is in a flexible knitted stretch fabric that is OekoTex certified. The spring mattress is reversible. If you want it firmer, let the soft natural latex lie face down against the spring base and instead rest on a layer of firmer comfort foam. The lower part of the bed has 7 cm J-pocket springs with active support (the bed differs here from our high continental bed Lorenzo which has 13 cm J-pocket springs). All springs are heat-treated for longer life and to eliminate setting. The frame is made of pine, grown slowly in the forests of northern Sweden, which gives it its strength and extra durability to its torsional stiffness and leg fastening. Our advanced corner reinforcement helps the bed retain its stately shape and stability year after year. Bed height without legs and top mattress: 32 cm. Choose between medium and firm. 10 year guarantee against frame and spring breakage. Top mattress and legs purchased separately.

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Stock Label:Special Order Item
NameAlberto Kontinentalseng
Article number10050_032
Country of manufacturePoland
Spring height22 (7+15/11)
SpringsJ-pocket/ chess-pocket
Warranty10 years
  • 1. Spegel av mjukt Öko-tex certifierat stretchtyg
  • 2. 30 mm naturlatex
  • 3. Stålram som kantförstärkning
  • 4. Sidoförstärkning i komfortskum
  • 5. Hörnförstärkning
  • 6. 15/11 cm Chess-Pocket för aktiv återfjädring
  • 7. 2 lager av extra mjukt Öko-tex certifierat stretchtyg
  • 8.30 mm komfortskum
  • 9. 7 cm J-pocket fjäder
  • 10. Träram av norrländsk furu
  • 11. Extra starka benfästen