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Care instructions

By taking care of your Mille Notti products, you will not only increase the lifespan of your products - you also take responsibility for sustainable development. We recommend to avoid tumble drying when possible, to evade wear and tear on the products, but also for environmental reasons. Avoid use of softeners on all cotton fabrics as it may tear down the cotton fibers and has a negative environmental impact.

Air your products often, iron or calender to obtain the lustrous and lovely characteristics of the fabrics. By following the care instructions, your products will last for a long time, and be as pleasant for many years to come.

- Follow the care instructions on the product.
- Be careful not to load too much laundry in the machine.
- Separate dark and light wash to avoid discoloration.
- Do not use softeners as it may tear down the cotton fibers.
- As soon as the laundry program is complete, shake out the bedclothes and let it hang dry.
- For the best result, iron your bedding while the product is still a little damp. Especially the bedding in satin will be extra lustrous as it obtains its glossy surface.
- Make sure the bedding is completely dry before folding and storing.
- Store the bedding in a clean and dust-free cabinet or in a case that is protected from direct sunlight that may otherwise fade the fabric.

Size guide

In our range of bed linen we offer several sizes of pillowcases and duvet covers. See our size guide for standard measurements in Sweden, Norway and Germany. 

Swedish standard sizes:
Pillowcase 50x60 cm
Duvet cover/single 150x210 cm
Duvet cover/double 220x220 cm

Norwegian standard sizes:
Pillowcase 50x70 cm
Duvet cover/single 140x200 cm
Duvet cover/single 140x220 cm
Duvet cover/double 200x220 cm

German standard sizes:
Pillowcase 40x80 cm
Pillowcase 80x80 cm
Duvet cover/single 135x200 cm
Duvet cover/singel 155x220 cm
Duvet cover/double 200x200 cm