How to create a luxury hotel bed

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How to create a luxury hotel bed

A luxury hotel night can often serve as a source of inspiration. You are open to new impressions and the hotels offer a perfect combination of comfortable atmosphere and wonderfully inviting beds. We want you to be able to create that feeling in your bedroom. Therefore, we offer many qualities and designs of bed linen that will give you exactly that feeling. 

One design that for sure will create a hotel feeling is Assoluto - a wonderful white satin with a Jaquard woven border, inspired just by the classic hotel counter. With slightly wider stripes it feels modern and stylish and provides a sense of luxury. To complete the bedding and get a satin dream use Satina flat sheet or envelope sheet. 

Mix and match with several down pillows, preferably in different sizes. We also suggest a large fluffy down duvet instead of two smaller to a queen or king size bed. It does a lot for the impression. If you still prefer two single duvets, you can put them across the bed when making it. Finish off with a plaid or a folded bedspread along the foot end.

We promise, it will give you a magical sleeping experience.