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This happens to your body when you sleep well

We become more empathetic and stress-resistant by sleeping well.

"Good sleep is also important for our brain health in the long run", says sleep researcher Christian Benedict.

Sleeping comfortably and well is an investment in our health. As we sleep, the body unwinds and repairs itself, blood pressure drops as does the heart rate and body temperature, and the muscles relax.

In parts of the brain, activity decreases whilst new memories are established.

"The brain sorts out unimportant memories and consolidates the important ones", explains Christian Benedict, who researches the importance of sleep for health and performance and has written the book "Sleep, Sleep, Sleep".

“Sleep also helps us to balance our emotional life. We cope with work, stress and other pressures better. You could say that we become more empathetic and less impulsive after sleeping well”.

Swedish study: Sleeping well is good for the brain.
At the same time, we prevent disease. Getting enough sleep can reduce the risk of elevated blood lipids, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, and fatigue syndrome.

"The newest findings deal with the connection between sleep and brain health", says Christian Benedict.

In a Swedish study, Christian and his research colleagues saw that young healthy participants who were exposed to one night without sleep showed higher blood levels of the protein tau, which is a marker of Alzheimer's disease.

“Both this study and others show that sleep deprivation can lead to negative effects on brain health in the long run, while adequate sleep promotes good brain health.”

Important tips for a better sleep
There's a lot you can do to affect your sleep. Exercising and exposure to daylight, unwinding well before bedtime and keeping the bedroom cool, are some well-proven pieces of advice.

But it is also important to invest in a high-quality bed.

“Ensure you choose a bed that suits you – consider how you sleep and how you are built. Please contact us at Mille Notti and we will help you find the bed of your dreams", says Lena Forsberg, who works in Mille Notti's store at North Östermalm in Stockholm.

Handmade beds
All Mille Notti's beds are carefully manufactured by hand, the frame is of strong pinewood that has been grown in the northern forests. The suspension and technology that creates the unique comfort of the beds is the best on the market.

"Quality is our guiding principle – for us, it is extremely important that the bed you invest in retains its stability, comfort and wonderful feeling over time", says Lena Forsberg.

Any other tips for a good sleep?

“Treat yourself to a fluffy down pillow of the finest quality. Choose a high or medium one if you sleep on your side, and a low one if you sleep on your stomach. If you sleep on your back, a low or medium pillow is a good option”.

Cool and crispy – or silky sheen

“Also, keep in mind that the bedding can transform and refine your entire sleeping experience! What feeling do you want – cool and crispy percale or silky satin? I can also recommend linen which is a durable and lovely material to sleep in. Our new collection of linen bedding is now in store”.

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