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Bed Legs

Discover our selection of premium quality bed legs. Choose from a variety of styles and colours.

Bed Legs

What height of bed legs should I have?
The height of bed legs you should have depends on the feeling you want. Typically, a height of 15-25 cm is recommended for a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing bed. However, you can, of course, adjust the height based on your body length and desired style.

Why do I need bed legs for my bed?
Bed legs elevate the bed, allowing air to circulate under the mattress, making it easier to keep clean, and providing an elegant style. Bed legs also make it easier to get in and out of bed.

How do I choose the right height and material for my new bed legs?
Measure the distance between the floor and the underside of the mattress to determine the desired height, typically recommended between 15-25 cm. Choose a material that complements your bed and decor. We offer a range of stylish bed legs in solid oak and beech, as well as brushed steel, in various heights.

Where can I find bed legs that fit different bed sizes?
We offer bed legs in various sizes and styles that suit both single beds and double beds.

How do I match the bed legs with the rest of my bedroom decor?
Feel free to choose bed legs in the same color and material as other furniture in the bedroom. Also, customize the selection of bed legs to match your bedroom style, such as modern, classic, or vintage. Lastly, adjust the height of the bed legs to match your bed.

Where can I find bed legs in different materials and colours to match my style?
We offer several options for bed legs in various materials such as solid oak and beech, as well as brushed steel in different heights.