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With our pillowcases, your sleeping experience becomes something extraordinary. Choose between crisp and cool cotton percale, silky smooth cotton sateen, or light and airy linen. Match with a duvet cover in the same design or create your own dream combination that you can enjoy for many years to come.


What are the benefits of a 100% cotton pillowcase?
A pillowcase made from 100% cotton has several benefits, such as; cotton is naturally breathable, helping regulate body temperature during sleep. Cotton is known for its durability and resilience, making 100% cotton pillowcases withstand the test of time. And best of all, cotton is easy to wash and maintains its comfortable qualities wash after wash.

What is the most comfortable pillowcase made of?
Which pillowcase is the absolute most comfortable depends on the feeling you want. Many associate our cotton percale pillowcases with the desirable "hotel feel" – smooth, cooling, and luxurious! Others prefer cotton sateen pillowcases, which provide a delightfully soft and embracing sensation. Read more about our percale and our sateen.

How do I match pillowcases with the rest of the bedding?
There are several ways to coordinate pillowcases with the rest of the bedding. A monochromatic bedding is both impactful and stylish. Alternatively, you can add depth by mixing patterned pillowcases with neutral duvet covers. You can also layer with additional pillows in different sizes - read more in our guide How to style your bed with pillows.

What's the best thread count for a pillowcase?
High thread count is often an indication of fine quality, but it's not solely the thread count that determines the product's quality. In our guide What is Thread Count? we clarify the concepts so you can easily determine which bedding suits you best.

Are there pillowcases specifically designed for allergy sufferers?
The tighter the weaving (thread count) of the pillowcase, the more difficult it is for allergens to penetrate. Our sateen classic Sobrio has a thread count of 500, while the luxurious Nuvola boasts an impressive 800-thread count.

How do I choose the right material for cool pillowcases during the summer?
Percale is excellent year-round but particularly well-suited for summer or for those who tend to get warm while sleeping. Find all our bedding in cool and crisp cotton percale here.

How do I wash and care for my pillowcases in the best way?
In our guide How to wash your bed linen you'll find sustainable tips on how to clean and extend the lifespan of your bed linen, all while being gentle on the environment.

Are there pillowcases specifically designed for children?
All our products are labeled with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and most of our products are made from organic cotton, marked with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). A perfect choice for your child's sleep experience and future.
For little ones, check out our baby collection.

Where can I buy high-quality luxurious pillowcases?
With our pillowcases, your sleep experience becomes something extraordinary. Choose between crisp and cool cotton percale, silky cotton sateen, or light and airy linen next to the skin.