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Cookie policy

We at Mille Notti AB ("Mille Notti," "we," or "us") use cookies, pixels, and similar tracking technologies ("cookies") that provide us with information about your device and store information on your device, such as your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. In this cookie policy, we describe why we use cookies. We have listed more detailed information about the cookies we use.

We care about your privacy and want you to feel secure when using our website. Please Contact us if you have any questions regarding our use of cookies.

Why do we use cookies - summarized

If you consent, we use cookies to:

Additionally, we need to use cookies to remember your choices on the website  and for the website to function properly.

To read more detailed information about our use of cookies, you can click on the links above.

Your rights
When we use cookies, you have certain rights, such as the right to withdraw your consent  and the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.  In the text below, you will find more detailed information on how to avoid cookies.

Your privacy is important to us

To protect your privacy, we have taken measures to avoid identifying you as a user of our website. For example, your IP address is encrypted, making it practically impossible for us to trace your identity. When processing data that can directly or indirectly be linked to you as an individual, we provide information about this in our privacy policy.

In this text, you can read more about:
Controller responsible for the use of cookies and how to contact us

We at Mille Notti with organization number 556428-2738 are responsible for the use of cookies on our website.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our use of cookies or if you want to object to our use of cookies. You can reach us at online@mille-notti.com or by calling +46 8 700 00 01. Our postal address is Mille Notti AB, Södra Fiskartorpsvägen 30, 114 33 Stockholm, Sweden.

You can avoid cookies
  • By adjusting the settings in your web browser, you can block certain types of cookies. In that case, your web browser will automatically deny the use of these cookies or notify you each time a website (like ours) requests to use that type of cookies.

  • You can choose not to consent to the use of certain types of cookies

  • If you choose to give your consent, you can always withdraw your consent by contacting us at online@mille-notti.com for example. Such withdrawal will take effect for the subsequent period.

  • After your visit, you can review and delete the permanent cookies stored in your web browser.

If you block or delete necessary cookies, the website will not function as intended, and you will not be able to use all the website's features. Below, we have explained what happens if you block or delete such cookies.

You have the right to complain

If you want more information about cookies, allowed cookie management, or want to make a complaint about our handling of cookies, you can contact the supervisory authority for cookies. In Sweden, it is the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority.

Some cookies continue to be used after your visit

Some cookies (called "persistent cookies") will continue to be used by your web browser even between sessions, meaning after you have visited our website, while other cookies (called "temporary cookies" or "session cookies") are only used temporarily. Here, we have listed more details about how long we use each cookie.

Third-party services and third-party cookies

We primarily use common "http cookies," but we also use more advanced pixel cookies from marketing services such as Google, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Match2One, and Pinterest, as well as third-party cookies from these providers. Some of these providers will use the collected information for their own purposes. We also rely on other providers to ensure the optimal functioning of our website, and they do not use the collected information for their own purposes. In the tables below, we have linked to information about how third parties use cookies.

Some of these providers may transfer your personal data outside the EU/EEA. In our privacy policy , we provide a more detailed description of what it means when information is transferred outside the EU/EEA.

Cookies that you can consent to

The cookies we describe below are used only if you have given your consent. Your consent is, of course, voluntary, and you can withdraw it at any time.

To analyze how our website is used with the help of Google and Hotjar analytics services

If you consent

To improve our website, we use cookies from Googles and Hotjars analytics tools that collect and analyze information about:

  • your encrypted IP address,

  • your geographic location, and

  • information about how you use the website, such as what you click on, where you browse from, and how many times you visit the website.

With this information, we can optimize features, understand user behavior, and make changes to the website to better suit our visitors.

You can avoid cookies from Google by downloading and installing this browser program.

To display relevant marketing

If you consent

We use cookies to display relevant marketing when you visit other websites or social media platforms and to measure the effectiveness of our marketing.

We do this using Google's marketing tools  and marketing services belonging to Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Match2One and Pinterest.

These tools mean that you will see search results and advertisements from us based on the analysis of how you have used our website and other information that our providers have about you (known as "profiling").

Here, you can make choices about the marketing you see from Google, and here you will find information about making choices for the marketing you see on Facebook.

If you block/delete these cookies, you will see less relevant marketing.

To improve our newsletters

If you consent

To improve our newsletters based on aggregated analysis of whether you open newsletters and what you click on in the newsletter, we use functionality from Triggerbee to analyze how you use our newsletters. This means we collect information about you being a subscriber to our newsletters, how you receive and use our newsletters, and your email address.

If you block/delete this type of functionality, we will have less basis for developing our newsletters.

Cookies used when visiting our website

These cookies are used when you visit our website. They are necessary to provide a service that you have explicitly requested, so your consent is not required.

To remember your choices

To remember if you have given your consent, we continue to save information about your consent using cookies

To remember the country version of the website and the currency you want to see, cookies are used to store such information. This ensures that you see the correct currency and language.

To remember the products you have added to the cart during the ordering process, cookies are used to store that information.

To remember the items you have marked as favorites, cookies are used to store information about your liking.

If you block/delete these cookies, we will not be able to remember your choices. Instead, you will need to make the same choices repeatedly. For example, you will see our consent banner multiple times and will not be able to save items in the cart or mark products as favorites.

For the functionality of the website

To keep track of your session, we use a temporary cookie. The cookie creates a unique ID for your session and allows the website to recognize you during your visit.

To customize the website based on whether you visit us on a mobile, desktop, or other device, we use cookies that collect information about your device. Based on such information, we adjust the website view so that you see the website in the layout suitable for the device you are using.

If you block/delete these cookies, the website will not function optimally.

This cookie policy was established by Mille Notti AB on 2023-05-01.