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Bed Linen

Our selection of bed linen will transform your sleep into something extraordinary. Our premium qualities and stylish design will together create the complete feeling of timeless indulgence. Choose between cool and crisp percale, silky smooth sateen, or light and flexible linen, all available in a variety of sizes and colours.

Premium quality bed linen made to fit you, your bed, and your dreams.

Bed Linen

What impact do different types of bed linens have on sleep quality?
Bed linen can transform and refine your entire sleeping experience! What feel do you want – cool and crisp percale, soft satin, or flexible linen? Investing in premium-quality bed linen can create a more relaxed and pleasant sleep environment, which in turn can contribute to better sleep quality.

Why is there such a price difference in bed linens, and what gives the best value for money?
Our products cost a little more, but they are an investment for both you and the environment since high quality lasts a long time. The quality of the thread, the density of the weave, the preparation, and treatment – all parts are equally important for the result, delightful experiences that you can enjoy every day for many years to come.

Which bed linens are best for when it's cold?
Sateen is perceived as somewhat warmer and is therefore especially good if you easily get cold, or during the cold months of the year. Our sateen is soft and embracing with a beautiful lustre. You can read more in What is sateen? and Why you should choose Satina - 5 reasons.

Which bed linens are best for when it's warm? Bed linen made from cotton percale are excellent all year round but maybe especially good in the summer, or if you easily get hot while sleeping. Many associate our percale with the desirable “hotel feeling” – smooth, cool, and crisp! Read more in our journal What is percale?.

Where are your bed linens manufactured?
Our bed linens are manufactured in Portugal by carefully selected suppliers.

Is it better to buy a set of bed linens or to buy them in separate parts?
That is, of course, a matter of taste. But we have chosen to sell our bed linens in separate parts. This way, you can customise bed linens according to your needs and the dimensions that fit your bed, duvet, and pillows.

What does "OEKO-TEX certified" mean?
OEKO-TEX®️ is a certification that guarantees the product meets high human-ecological requirements. This means that they are free from harmful substances and are safe for both children and adults. 100% of our bed linens are labelled with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®️. Read more about our sustainability work here.

What does organic cotton mean?
Organic cotton is cotton that is grown and produced using organic farming methods. Organic cotton that meets specific standards can receive certifications from independent organisations such as: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Here you can find our GOTS-certified bed linens.

What characterises high-quality bed linen?
A high thread count is often an indication of fine quality. But the number of threads doesn't matter if the quality of the material used is not up to par. Equally important is the weaving technique and finishing used. All parts are needed to be able to produce first-class bed linens. Read more in: What is thread count? and our Quality Guide.

What is the best way to store bed linens when not in use?
Always wash and dry the bed linens before putting them away. Then store them in a dark and cool place. Preferably roll the bed linens instead of folding them to minimise wrinkles.