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Bath Mats

Keep your feet comfortable and floor dry with our luxury bath mats. Made from stonewashed cotton terry making them super soft and fast drying. Choose between several stylish colours to fit your bathroom.

Bath Mats

What is the best type of bath mats?
The best bath mats are made of high-quality cotton with high density, meaning a tight and thick construction. This makes the bath mat softer to stand on and enhances absorbency, resulting in quicker drying after use.

Which material is best for a bath mat?
Cotton, without a doubt. However, it's important that the cotton is of high quality. Our bath mat Portofino is made of the finest cotton terry, making it delightfully soft with excellent absorbency.

What size should my bath mat have?
The size you should choose for your bath mat depends on how large the bathroom is. Measure your space to find a suitable size that fits your needs and style.

How good is the Portofino bath mat's ability to absorb water?
Thanks to its high quality and density (1550g/m2), the Portofino bath mat has excellent water absorption capability.

How often should one wash a bath mat?
Bath mats should be cleaned regularly. Vacuum or shake the bathroom mat to remove dirt and dust. The Portofino bath mat can also be machine washed at 60 degrees for a deeper clean.

Can I tumble dry my bathroom mat?
It is perfectly fine to tumble dry the Portofino bath mat. However, it is important to choose a lower temperature.

Does the bathroom mat have non-slip protection?
Our Portofino bath mat is made of 100% cotton terry. It does not have non-slip protection on the bottom.

If your bathroom mat has an anti-slip backing, be sure not to use fabric softener during washing, as it can diminish the mat's anti-slip properties.

Do I need to wash the bath mat before use?
We recommend to wash the Portofino bath mat before use for better absorbency.