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Duvet Covers

With our duvet covers, your sleeping experience becomes something extraordinary. Choose between crisp and cool cotton percale, silky smooth cotton sateen, or light and airy linen. Match with a pillowcase in the same design or create your own dream combination that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Duvet Covers

Which material is best for duvet covers?
The right material for your duvet cover can transform and refine your entire sleep experience! What feel do you want? Crisp cotton percale, soft cotton sateen, or flexible linen? 

What sizes are available for duvet covers?
Our duvet covers are available in Swedish sizes; 150x210 cm and 220x220 cm, as well as in Norwegian sizes; 140x200 cm, 140x220 cm, and 200x220 cm. 

Which size duvet cover fits my duvet?
You choose the same size for your duvet cover as your duvet. The standard size in Sweden for a single duvet/cover is 150x210 cm and for a double duvet/cover 220x220 cm. 

How do I wash duvet covers in the best way?
Here you will find sustainable tips that clean effectively and extend the life of your bed linens while being gentle on the environment. 

Is there organic cotton in your duvet covers?
100% of our white percale and Satina white are made of organic cotton and are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). GOTS is an independent certification that ensures the organic status of textiles and that social and environmental criteria are met throughout the supply chain. Find all our duvet covers made from organic cotton here

Which duvet covers are best for allergy sufferers?
People with allergies can benefit from tightly woven bed linens because they prevent dust mites and allergens from penetrating. Read more about thread count here. 

Do you sell duvet covers separately, or in sets with pillowcases and sheets?
We sell all our duvet covers separately. This way, you can tailor your bed linens to your needs and the dimensions that fit your bed, duvet, and pillows.  

Is there any difference between luxurious and slightly cheaper duvet covers?
Yes, there is a difference between luxurious and slightly cheaper duvet covers. The choice of material, the quality of the thread, the density of the weave, preparation, and treatment - all parts are equally important for the result. Our duvet covers cost a bit more, but they are an investment for both you and the environment, as high-quality lasts longer. Here you can read more about our high quality and sustainable development.