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A place the light can reach

The set designer and stylist Lo Bjurulf creates magical environments that are both calm and spacious. Is it her passion for rooms, colours and materials that creates this longing beyond time and space? We will say no more. What we know for certain is that her eye for the beautiful, and her ability to bring out inner qualities, is something out of the ordinary. This ability has taken her around the world with projects for both Swedish and international customers.

Light almost always plays the key role in Lo's rooms. Her dream bedroom is a place where sunbeams and moonlight flow through the day and night. Her surroundings are usually relatively empty, because only things with meaning have a place there. This is something that makes people want to step straight into her dreamlike settings.

Just in time for our thirtieth anniversary, we gave Lo free rein to create a dream bedroom using our anniversary collection. The result is a white fairy tale that takes us on a thousand-night long journey into our innermost space.

Here is how Lo describes her dream bedroom “for a thousand nights”:

for a thousand nights

and much longer than thousands and thousands more

I'm here
in my absolute innermost place
alone or together
so close
and back to back

in my birth, my life and perhaps my death

here the mind is freer
than anywhere else
some days I wake up in the light
and others in the dark

with my eyes closed and open
I weave myths and dreams into fairy tales
like everyone else before me
and those who come after

the same dust of stars

We took the opportunity to ask Lo some questions about her inspiration and creative process.

You work a lot with different styling assignments, how do you make things so magical?
I'm very happy if what I do is seen as magical! Maybe it's my passion for rooms, colours and materials that shines through?

What's most important to you when you're decorating a room?
If I must choose a room, the light inside is the first thing I think of, as well as the materials. I love wood and stone floors laid before the turn of the last century and I prefer relatively empty rooms. If there are things inside, I like there to be a use for them. They really don't have to be unusual things, and it's perfectly fine if they have been well-used by someone else.

How do you want your rooms to be experienced?
When someone says that they “just want to step straight into my pictures” it makes me very happy. And once someone said something so nice - that my rooms “make them feel calm”. These are words I value deeply.

Describe your dream bedroom!  
In my dream bedroom the sun reaches in all day and the moon all night, and my windows are always open. Mild, white neutrals and contrasting materials come together in a symbiosis together between bedding and furniture. I also want something organic to rest my eyes on before I go to sleep.

Is there a special place where you feel complete harmony?
Like so many others, I find my inner harmony by the sea and in the forest, with beautiful views all around me.

For more dreamlike inspiration - follow Lo Bjurulfs Instagram @lobjurulf