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The future

Selling down products, mainly to friends and acquaintances, by mail order and in a small shop - that was the beginning of what is today the successful family business Mille Notti. The CEO, William Wehtje is as proud of the company's history as he is keen to create the best and most sustainable opportunities for the future. For customers, suppliers and employees.

With his passion for quality and an insistence on searching for material beyond the ordinary - what other guiding stars and goals does William Wehtje have for the next thirty years?

– I would say relationships, and feelings! We have had our supplier-relationships for a long time, and we test the durability and feel of all our products together. It's extremely important to us that our products last for many years, and feel really, really good. Over the years, we have developed our senses when it comes to quality. We know that terry towels should have weight and be absorbent, sateen should be smooth and pliable, while percale should be crisp and smooth. A unique recipe is created for each quality. It covers everything from the quality of the thread and thread density in the fabric to preparation and handling.

The next key ingredient is our working culture, which is undoubtedly a big part of our success. We're approachable and transparent here at Mille Notti, where everyone is free to speak out. Our employees are involved, responsible and solution-oriented. I know for certain that this shines through to our customers, in the form of our friendly attitude and excellent level of service.

We will continue to focus on growing our online presence, but will always take care of our physical stores. After all, this is where our customers can experience our products. And it's also where we can offer our expertise and guidance. We work a lot to communicate and inform our customers about the feel and quality of our products, all so that you'll find exactly what you're dreaming of. Our most important task as we move towards the future, is to deliver and produce quality in a sustainable way. By setting both small and large, but above all clear, goals for our sustainability work, we want to inspire a more planned consumption.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who have ever been and are, with us on this journey. Whether you sleep in our bed linen, buy our products for your stores, or make your hotel beds using our sheets. But also, to our customers who spread the feeling of using our products to your friends and acquaintances. It's thanks to you that we continue to grow. And it's you who inspire us to keep developing further.