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Winter swimming in style 

The icy phenomenon of winter swimming is said to improve sleep, energy, and our tolerance to stress. But it's so...cold. How do you get started, and what do you really need to bring? 

In our guide, you'll find everything you need to kick-start your new healthy routine. You'll also get advice on products that will enhance your dips, for years to come.

Prepare yourself and your clothes
It is good practice to warm up before your cold swim. A brisk walk or a few quick jumps on the spot before going in will suffice. To avoid stress when you get out of the cold water, lay out your clothes beforehand in the order you'll put them back on. Choose soft, loose-fitting clothes – preferably made of natural materials.

Bring something soft to stand on
A mat or towel is great to stand on when changing. Want to pamper your feet? Bring our Portofino bath mat. Made from soft, luxurious cotton terry that absorbs well and dries quickly. A detail that makes the moments before and after a cold swim even more enjoyable.

Cover your hands, feet and head
To make your new healthy routine easier, warm mittens, a comfy beanie and swim booties are a great idea. Your head stays warm and your hands and feet will be much better protected from the cold water. Your hands will also be protected from cold ladders.

When the time comes, make up your mind to just do it!
There is no point in over-thinking or hesitating. You make up your mind, and then just do it. Take it easy when you enter and slowly lower your body into the water. If you are a beginner, give yourself 10-20 calm breaths in the water.

Soft towels in different sizes 
You did it! Have a soft, high-quality terry towel ready for when you get out. Fontana towel made of organic cotton terry is available in a range of sizes and timeless colours, all with excellent absorbency. If you get your wet during your cold swim, don't forget to bring an extra towel.

Reward yourself with a bathrobe
Almost immediately after your cold bath, you'll feel that your body is extremely alert and "tingly". Celebrate that great feeling with a comfortable bathrobe. The stylish Fontana bathrobe made of organic cotton terry is a decadently comfortable investment you'll enjoy for years to come. Plus, a bathrobe is great for when you're taking off your wet swimwear.

Celebrate with something warm
Now you're a cold swimmer! Pour yourself a nice hot drink from the thermos, pat yourself on the back and plan your next dip. When you get home and into the heat, give your body some extra love with our lovely, softening Body Oil, with jojoba oil, almond oil and safflower oil. 

Remember! Never swim alone; always have a friend with you and keep an eye on each other.

Source: kallbad.nu