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Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Do the scented candles contain environmentally friendly ingredients?
Our scented candles are made from organic soy wax, which is an environmentally friendly and biodegradable alternative.

What is the difference between soy wax and paraffin candles?
Soy wax candles are made from soybeans, while paraffin candles are made from petroleum. Soy wax candles are considered a more environmentally friendly option as soybeans are renewable and biodegradable. Paraffin is a non-renewable resource.

What is the burn time of the scented candles?
Our scented candles have a burn time of approximately 40 hours.

What scents are available in your scented candles?
Green Tea & Silk - a soft, rounded, and light fragrance. Subtle and mild.
Sweet Tobacco - a sophisticated, sweet, and rich fragrance. Elegant and continental.
Fresh Peach - a fresh and sweet fragrance. Prominent and characteristic.

How strong is the fragrance of the scented candles when burning?
Our scented candles spread a pleasant fragrance and create a delightful atmosphere.

How do I remove wax stains from textiles and furniture?
To remove wax from textiles, allow the wax to harden and scrape off as much as possible. Place the fabric over paper towels on an ironing board, cover with an additional paper, and iron. Repeat as needed. Treat any remaining stains with dish soap and then wash as usual.

Are scented candles a good gift?
Absolutely! A scented candle is an appreciated gift instead of flowers or chocolate.

Do you have scented candles with a spa-like feel?
All our scented candles have a pleasant fragrance that creates a nice atmosphere. Read more in our guide 5 tips for your home spa.