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5 tips for your home spa

When your energy is running low and everyday life gets a bit overwhelming, it's important to stop and take a break. Why not make your bathroom into a luxurious oasis? Here are our top tips for a home spa to soothe your body and soul.

1. An atmosphere of harmony
Start by tidying up your bathroom. You don't need to do a major deep clean, just put the dirty washing in the washing basket, clean the sink and wipe any dusty surfaces. Then you can put some fresh flowers in a beautiful vase and dim the lights.

2. A fragrant atmosphere
Now it's time to get in the right mood. For that, you'll need some candles. You can use a mixture of tealights, pillar candles, long candles and scented candles. Our scented candles are made from organic soya wax and come in three sensational scents: Green Tea & Silk, Fresh Peach and Sweet Tobacco. All of them will fill your room with a wonderful, calming fragrance. The stylish design with beige glass makes a lovely feature in every bathroom.
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3. Freshly washed towels
Soft, fluffy and freshly laundered towels are a must in your spa. Fold them nicely and place them in a few different spots. Our towels are made of organic cotton terry and are lovely and soft, with excellent absorbency. We also have luxurious terry bathrobes - perfect for a day at the spa.
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4. Sink into a hot bath
First run a hot bath. Then add our luxurious liquid soap to make a wonderful and fluffy moisturising foam. The soap is available in three scents; Green Tea & Silk, Fresh Peach and Sweet Tobacco. Do you want your experience to be as luxurious as possible? Then treat yourself to a few drops of our fragrant body oil. Based on jojoba oil, almond oil and thistle oil and enriched with vitamin E - to protect and moisturise your skin. You can also use it to moisturise your skin after a bath.
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5. Let go of everything on your to-do list, be in the present - and relax
Immerse yourself in the hot water and close your eyes. Enjoy the warm embrace of the foam, and take the time to really experience the different scents. You could also try focusing on your breathing for a few minutes. By activating one sense at a time, you can practise being in the present. For an even better spa feeling, put on your favourite playlist with calm, relaxing music.