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  • What is percale?

    Many associates sleeping in percale with the coveted luxury hotel feeling; smooth, cool, and crisp. But what is percale, and is it suitable for sleeping in throughout the year? Here is everything you need to know about this wonderful quality.
What is percale?

Percale fabric is intricately woven with one thread over and one under, employing a technique known as a one-by-one weave, resulting in a smooth, crisp and resilient structure. To earn the designation of percale, the fabric must boast a high thread count, typically no less than 200 threads per square inch.

What distinguishes Mille Notti's percale?

We meticulously weave our percale using 100% combed cotton, ensuring that only the longest and strongest fibers remain. This process enables us to produce a fabric of unparalleled quality that maintains its exceptional feel, wash after wash. Notably, all our white percale is crafted from organically grown cotton and certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

With over 30 years of experience, we have supplied percale bed linen to numerous esteemed hotels worldwide.

How does it feel to sleep in Percale?

Absolutely delightful - crisp and refreshingly cool! Many associate our percale with the coveted "5-star hotel feeling" – fresh, crisp, and luxurious! It is a quality that is perfect year-round but perhaps especially great in summer or for those who tend to get warm while sleeping.

How do I care for my percale bed linen?

Percale bed linen are easy to care for. Simply machine wash and let them hang dry. They will dry quickly, requiring minimal effort to maintain their cool and smooth quality. Additionally, they're easy to iron or press if you prefer that perfect smooth feel.

Below you will find our bedding in crisp cool percale.

What is percale?