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  • What is percale?

    "Percale is luxurious, crisply cool and absolutely wonderful"

What is percale?

A percale is woven tightly with one thread under and one over, a so-called tuft weave, which gives a smooth and durable structure. To be called percale, the fabric must have a high thread count, at least 200 threads per square inch.

What distinguishes Mille Nottis percale?

We weave our percale from 100% fine combed cotton. This means that the cotton has been combed so that only the long, strong fibers remain. This allows us to create a fabric of the highest quality that retains its wonderful feel, wash after wash. All our white percale is today woven from organically grown cotton with GOTS certificate. We also have some products in percale where we have mixed in lyocell, which is an environmentally friendly alternative to cotton with the same fine properties.

We have been manufacturing percale bed linen for over 25 years, and supply them to several first-class hotels around the world.

How does it feel to sleep in?

Beautifully crispy and cool! Many associate our percale with the desirable "hotel feeling" - smooth, cooling and luxurious! It is a quality that is excellent all year round but perhaps especially good in the summer, or for those of you who easily get warm when you sleep.

How do I care for my percale bed linen?

They are easy to care for. Machine wash and hang up, they dry quickly. That's all you need to do to enjoy the cool and smooth quality. They are also easy to iron or mangle if you want that perfect smooth feel.

Below you will find our bedding in crisp cool percale.

What is percale?