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5 tips for your dream bedroom!

Forget renovating! There are several simple things you can add, in addition to inviting bedding, to create the bedroom of your dreams. Here are five tips to help create an elegant and relaxing environment – where you always land softly. No matter how the day went.

  1. Frame and soften with a headboard
    Create a comfortable, cosier environment with the addition of a headboard. It frames, softens and adds a more luxurious hotel feel. All our headboards are handcrafted with the highest quality materials - find your favourite here >

  2. Make an impact with an oversized pillow
    For a continental and generous feel, make your bed with pillows of different sizes. It is particularly impactful if you add a big, lovely cushion at the back. Sonno down pillow is soft, fluffy, yet firm and available in six different sizes.

  3. Create elegance and harmony with a bed skirt
    The bed skirt gives a stylish and harmonious impression, while protecting your bed. We offer two models in fabrics carefully selected for both durability and sumptuous experience. Match with the same fabric as the headboard, or contrast with a different colour for a striking contrast.

  4. Embellish with a plaid
    A lovely plaid enhances the look of the bedroom. It is just as comfortable to wrap around you as it is to make your bed with. Choose from our four unique qualities: mohair and stone-washed cotton. All carefully selected in colours and qualities that last over time and give a luxurious impression.

  5. Change the look with a bedspread
    Dress your bed with a nice bedspread in a neutral colour. A bedspread can change the whole look of your bedroom, giving it a cosy and neat feel. Tips! Double the bedspread over at the bottom of the bed to let the linen and the bed breathe.