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5 ways to keep your bed and pillows lasting longer

There's nothing quite as enjoyable as slipping into a freshly made bed. Yet, we often overlook the care that our beds need. But it doesn’t need not be difficult or complicated. Here are our best tips for keeping your bed and pillows lasting longer. So that you can enjoy them even more.

    You should turn and rotate your top mattress four times a year. This helps the mattress topper to maintain its shape as you are not putting pressure or wear on the same spot all the time. If you own several beds, it is a good idea to rotate them all at the same time as a habit. Keep in mind! Even the very best mattress will eventually lose its form and support over time. We recommend replacing your mattress topper roughly every five to seven years.

    All types of mattresses should be cleaned with a vacuum and aired at regular intervals. Vacuum your mattress regularly – once a month will help to keep dust and mites away. You should also air your mattress in the sun twice a year. Place the mattress against a wall and leave it outside in the sun for at least six hours. The sun efficiently eliminates any bacteria that might be present in your mattress. An Eco-friendly and fragrant (who doesn't love the smell of sunshine and fresh air?) way to freshen up your mattress.

    Sweat, dust, and other deposits can cause your mattress to smell. We recommend you use a furniture shampoo to clean the mattress, which will also help to remove any stains.
    You can also freshen a mattress by sprinkling baking powder or bicarbonate of soda over the surface and waiting 30 minutes or more. After the powder has reacted with the residues in the mattress, clean with a vacuum. Baking powder and bicarbonate of soda are natural deodorisers that will neutralise most odours.
    Tip! Try adding a few drops of lavender-scented essential oil to your baking powder/bicarbonate of soda before sprinkling over the mattress. Enjoy a lovely fragrance!

    The best investment for extending the life of your top mattress is to buy a mattress protector. This serves as an easily washable layer that will protect your mattress for years to come. If you have small children, there are also liquid-proof versions in case of little accidents. The same goes for your pillows. Our percale pillow protectors are woven from organic fine-brushed cotton. You enjoy a cool and crisp textile with a smooth surface that protects your pillow from stains. A down pillow should not be washed too frequently. With a protector, you can save on washing down and prolong the life of the pillow. A pillow protector goes under your pillowcase.

    A bed skirt or a base cover transforms your bedroom in an instant. With this simple change you can create a lovely, cosy touch in the bedroom. In addition to the improved looks, your bed will be protected from potential stains, dust and mites. A bed skirt and base cover are also easy to wash. Smart and stylish – the perfect combination!