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5 ways to update your home!

As drab winter makes way for the blossom of spring, so we can bring new colours and style to our living space. With a few simple updates, you can transform tired winter interiors and allow a spring breeze to bring new life to your home. Inspiring, right?
Here are five ways to update your home for spring.

    Chic cushion covers are the easiest way to add a splash of style to a room. This simple and effective tweak can work miracles for any space, allowing you to express yourself with ease. Play around with different colours, shapes and materials - let your imagination run free! Check out Verona cushion covers, available in different colours and sizes. An easy way to add more colour to your home.

    Another easy way to freshen a room is to decorate with vibrant plaids. Whether stylishly draped over the sofa arm, or acting as a centrepiece in the bedroom, a cleverly placed plaid can seamlessly add colour and texture to a room. It also helps to add welcoming and cosy touch! Which plaid blends in best? Many people fall in love with Senzo, which is made of high quality mohair in a variety of shades and shimmers in the light. Others can't imagine a cosy night on the sofa without Mare, made of soft, stone-washed cotton.

    There is nothing better than an elegant and inviting bedroom. With a luxurious bedspread, you can realise this dream. You can play with colour, texture or materials to create a cosy atmosphere, whilst adding a stylish touch to your bed. Whether it's the stylish Ameno, the quilted Bacio or the wavy structure of the decorative Riposo the choice is yours!

    Fashions come and go. So it is smart to create the right style for you. Start with the colours - what suits you best? Vibrant or subtle shades or something balanced? Mix and match blankets, plaids or cushions in colours that capture your tastes. So it is easy to create a versatile set of decorative items that fit in any room. In general, lighter tones and thinner materials are suitable for spring and summer, while darker shades and heavier materials add warmth during autumn and winter. But rules are meant to be broken, and your decor must reflect your tastes.

    As winter makes way for warmer and sunny days, our outdoor spaces spring to life. It's time to brush away the dust and open up the porch, patio or balcony. There is nothing better than welcoming in spring and summer, than relaxing amongst cushions and soft furnishings and looking out across nature. It is easy to create a space for relaxation and enjoyment, no matter where you are. Don't forget to match the outdoors with your interior style. By blending seamlessly the exterior and interior decor all parts of your home will sing together as you enjoy the warmer weather.

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