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7 stylish and sustainable reasons for choosing linen

What makes linen so special? Perhaps it is the flexibility, fullness and natural feeling of weight that makes linen an elegant and comfortable fabric.

As well as creating a wonderfully soft sleeping experience, linen is also sustainable. Linen is kinder to the environment than other fabrics. A fantastic bedding fabric that provides comfort all year round!

Linen is called "linum usitatissium" in Latin, which means "most useful". Linen has always been appreciated for its lovely quality!

Our stylish collection LINO is made of 100% linen and comes in two timeless colours - white and sand.


  1. Naturally flexible
    Linen is naturally flexible with a full feeling that creates a comforting weight that feels wonderful on your skin. Lots of people think that linen is itchy, but this is not true - only bad or cheap quality linen will irritate your skin. Mille Notti's linen bed linen is woven from 100% linen and stone-washed which makes it especially soft and comfortable for a wonderful night's sleep.

  2. Cools and warms
    Linen is perfect for sleeping in all your round as it is a highly breathable and moisture wicking fabric. Linen bed linen is cool and airy in the summer. In the winter it's quite the opposite - you will be able to enjoy linen's cosy warmth.

  3. Environmentally friendly
    Linen is kinder to the environment than other fabrics. Linen can be grown in rainy and cool climates, which means that it is not as exposed to pests and doesn't require pesticides. It also requires less fertiliser and artificial watering.

  4. Sustainable for many years
    Linen is durable and becomes softer the more you wash it. Linen also ages beautifully.

  5. Easy care
    Linen is easy care. Wash it in the washing machine, shake it and hang it up to dry. Tumble dry low for a softer feel. However, if you want to keep your linen feeling soft and looking fantastic for years to come, we recommend you do not tumble dry.

  6. Hygienic
    Linen repels dirt, is anti-odour and has good antibacterial properties.

  7. A sustainable classic in your home
    Linen is a classic material that blends with a wide range of décor - from stylish and elegant to easy and relaxed. It fits in any bedroom and adds a beautiful touch to any interior decoration. The slightly wrinkled finish of linen creates a relaxed, comfortable touch.