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Beautiful rooms with playful details

"Interior design that makes the room sing" is how Beata Heuman's work is often described. She is an award-winning Swedish interior and product designer who runs an internationally successful design studio in London. There, she creates dizzyingly beautiful rooms with matching, well-thought-out, playful patterns, materials and details. Her look and colourful style has been praised the world over. Most recently, she was named Interior Designer of the Year at the Elle Deco Design Awards 2021.

Beata is inspired by creating homes that reflect who you are, what you have done, places you have visited, inspiration and experiences you have had that should shine through in the decorative style of your home. Only then can your home become a place that you can relax in and enjoy, both for everyday occurrences and life's enormous moments.

Just in time for the Mille Notti 30-year anniversary, we gave Beata free rein to create a bed for our anniversary collection. The result is an expressive bed that brings our senses to life while calmly rocking us to sleep when the day is over. An unquestionably dreamy bed!

We took the opportunity to ask Beata some questions about her inspiration, her creative process and confident approach to mixing styles.

You recently released a book, 'Every room should sing' which focuses on your amazing interior design. Where do you get your inspiration?
Inspiration can come from almost anywhere. I often look through books with older designs and furniture, but inspiration can also come from an art exhibition, popular culture, or a walk in a new city. As long as you are curious about the world around you, it is not difficult to find inspiration!

What is the first step when you are going to decorate a room?
The first thing we do is draw a floor plan that shows what type of furniture we think a room should have and how it is placed, as well as all fixed furnishings and lighting. Once you have a solid plan, it becomes easier to expand upon it.

What would you say is the most important part of creating a "happy" bedroom?
It obviously depends on individual taste, but the most important thing is a comfortable and cosy bed.

People tend to associate your work with lots of colour, lovely materials and beautiful patterns. How should one think when planning the style of a bedroom? Or do you not need to think, can you mix and match freely?
I like to mix styles, and put in slightly unexpected details. The most important thing is that it is personal. With that said, I think it is important to keep a bedroom a little calmer. I painted the walls in my bedroom in my first apartment rust red, and it looked nice, but in reality the colour felt too intense to be a bedroom, so it's probably something I would avoid in the future.

What is the dreamiest bedroom you have experienced? Why?
I just finished Adwoa Abroah's home in London. We placed a rather masculine four-poster bed in dark blue, felt fabric and black borders with a light, thin poplin fabric on the inside. It was very stately, but still felt relaxing because the pattern on the wallpaper and curtains is quite soft. The last time I was there after she moved in, she invited me and my colleague to try the bed and I had to agree with her - it was the most comfortable bed I had ever laid upon! Adowa has a knack for making a bed in the best way, fluffy like a little cloud!

For more colourful inspiration, follow Beata Heuman on Instagram @beataheuman