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Extravagant style with free reign 

Fashion, form, art, friends, travel, and interiors – everything is a creative source for Fredrik. His creations are a whirlwind full of contrasts, guaranteed to shake up feelings, rules and expectations. A form of ecstatic escapism!

Just in time for our thirtieth anniversary, we gave Fredrik and his best friend Jannika Hernelius free rein to create a dream bedroom using our anniversary collection. The result is an original work of art, with punk fashion references that allow you to dream big, free and without any limitations.

Fredrik describes his dream bedroom as “Punk Couture”:

“Seven years ago, I started buying haute couture, the highest form of dressmaking. This type of craftwork, and the people doing it, are my passion. That's why I think of my clothes as portable sculptures and works of art. Based on my colourful punk lifestyle, my best friend Jannika Hernelius and I created a room with attitude, which breathes freedom and the right to express yourself. There are no rules here! Here you can dream of whatever you want and be surrounded by the highest quality.”

We took the opportunity to ask Fredrik some questions about his spectacular style and his creative process.

You're a big name in fashion, and such an inspiring person, but also in terms of challenging preconceptions and following your own personal style. How would you describe your style?
I'm really an all or nothing type of person. I love soft clothes, and I wear everything in black. But I also love to be full-on. I would say that the way I dress reflects how I feel. So, my style depends very much on my mood.

Where do you get your creative inspiration from? 
Everywhere. I'm always “on”. Ideas often pop up when I travel and meet new people.  There's a common theme in all my friendships -everyone is creative and odd, which is a huge inspiration for me. Interior design, fashion, form, art. Everything fits together. Also, I'm obsessed with Pinterest.

What's the connection between fashion and interior, for you?
I see a connection in that I decorate and style in the same way. I love it when something feels clean, but also full-on. I want harmony in how I look. A balance. It's the same at home. The ceilings are painted in the same colour as the walls. The art hangs on the walls matches and creates calm. I like that the eye can take in an overall impression and not get hooked on the details.

What is most important for you, in your own home? 
A nice bed. I spend a lot of time in it.

What does your dream bedroom look like? 
A large bed with a bathtub in front of it where I can relax and look out over Los Angeles. 

What is your favourite place in the world? 
Home, or The Ritz in Paris.

For more extravagant inspiration - follow Fredrik Robertsson on Instagram @fredrikrobertsson

Photography: Mats Högberg