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Headboards – how to choose the right design for you!

Choosing a headboard to reflect your tastes and decor will transform your bedroom from simply a sleeping space to so much more. A place you can shake off a long day, lie back, breathe out and relax.

All our headboards are custom made by hand from high quality and long-lasting materials. We use wood from the forests of northern Sweden, which has grown true and strong, combined with fine fabrics for a fantastic finish.

"A headboard not only sets the style, but is also a practical piece of furniture. It is comfortable to lean on while reading or having breakfast in bed. It also absorbs sound and protects the wall behind the bed from marks and stains," says Lena Forsberg at Mille Notti.

We have a wide variety of headboards, combining superb design, quality and timeless appeal - suitable for all tastes and decor.

Variety is the spice of life
The Alexandra headboard creates a stylish effect whilst blending in seamlessly with your bedroom. The removable fabric enables you to tailor the headboard to match your mood, tastes or time of year. You can switch up your headboard with a new colour, pattern or fabric. Choose between velvet in six different colours, canvas in five colours, or linen in three colours. Perfect for people who like to change their decor! You can also dry clean the removable fabric with ease.

A "hotel" feeling at home
Are you looking for a classic headboard, offering that timeless hotel quality of cosiness and style? Paula is our deepest headboard (11 cm - 4.3 inches), elegantly upholstered, eye-catching and wonderfully soft to rest against. Choose between our durable canvas fabric made of 100% cotton or our exclusive and hard-wearing upholstery fabric with a linen texture.

Elegant velvet with a luxurious shimmer
A headboard upholstered in velvet adds a soft, luxurious and elegant feel to the entire bedroom. In addition, velvet is a durable fabric that ages beautifully. We have three headboards upholstered in velvet: Bianca, Luna and Alexandra. You can choose from six muted colours, all with that delightful velvety shimmer. Why not match them with the Verona cushion cover in the same velvet fabric?

Organic design
Flowing organic lines bring calm, softness and harmony to your sleeping space. Here are three headboards with naturalistic forms:
Bianca, with rounded corners, has a slightly lower silhouette, with a height of 100 cm (39.4 inches). The low, flowing form creates a contemporary touch.

Luna was inspired by the shape of the moon – an evocative silhouette that gives a warm and personal touch to the room.

Carlita is shaped in a beautiful arch that frames your bed in both a soft and stylish way.

A continental feel
Ravenna is a soft and upholstered headboard, crafted from premium quality materials and dressed in a furniture fabric with a linen structure. The design leaves a soothing and continental feel to your bedroom.

Natural linen
A linen-covered headboard offers a lovely, natural appearance. Our exclusive linen upholstery fabric is available in three colours: ivory, natural and dark grey. All Mille Notti’s headboards are available in our classic linen material. Create a stylish set with the Venezia bed skirt in the same fabric and colour – or add some contrast as a playful decorative detail.

Stylish cotton canvas
In addition to velvet and linen, we have covered three of our headboards in canvas fabric made of 100% cotton: the Alexandra and Paula headboards. The fabric combines stylish looks with a lovely natural feel.

How big should a headboard be?
It is entirely up to you and what suits you best. As for the height: Choose what feels most comfortable as you lie or sit in bed. Our models differ slightly in height, and all come with 3 cm high supports. But you can always buy higher headboard legs if you want more height. As for the width, you can choose from several different dimensions – from 80/90 cm (31.5/35.4 inches) to 210 cm (82.7 inches).

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