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How to style your bed with pillows

Decorating the bedroom with comfortable and stylish combinations of pillows is a trend that's here to stay. But before you let loose and create your own dream combination, check out our tips to help you choose the sizes, style, and styling, that are right for you and your bed.

If you like a clean and minimalist feel, this is the style for you. This style means making the bed with fluffy pillows and well-ironed pillowcases, and simply placing the pillows on top of each other. For this bedding we have a larger pillow 60x80 and on top of it a pillow in size 50x60.

A timeless combination, also known as the luxurious hotel bedding style. The trick here is to place items symmetrically and let the different sizes of pillows take center stage. Place the largest pillows at the back. We recommend having two 60x80 or two 50x90. In front of these, place pillows of 50x60 or 50x70, and at the front 30x40 pillows.

Here, no rules apply. It's a combination that feels soft and free, and is easy to sleep on. The cohesive colour scheme nevertheless creates an inviting and orderly impression. In this bedding style we've mixed two 50x60, one 30x40 and one bolster pillow 15x35.

This elegant combination stands out and adds depth to the bedding. Here, several different sizes and pillow types are mixed, but in an orderly fashion.

Start with two 60x80 pillows at the back, then our latest, longer item - the 50x160 pillow. It's perfect for relaxing in bed or used as extra support during the night. Finish the whole with two bolster pillows 15x35 and two decorative velvet cushions in size 50x50.

Regardless of which of these bedding styles you prefer, the most important thing for achieving inviting bedding is that you have fluffy, fresh and elegant pillows. Our pillows are made in Europe and contain only European class 1 down, and are certified by IDFL (International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory).

Having different standard sizes of pillows has confused many people over the years. Pillows, including classic hotel pillows, have different standard measurements in different countries. A tip is therefore to check the sizes of the pillows you have at home before you go hunting for new pillowcases.

Even if the shop you visit classes the pillowcase as 'standard' sizes, it could be the wrong size for your pillows. In Sweden, the standard size of pillows is 50x60 and in Norway it is 50x70.