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How to use patterns confidently - 5 tips 

Would you love to decorate with patterns, but are not brave enough? Do you perhaps have a more modern interior style that doesn't seem compatible with eye-catching colours, shapes or expressions? Think again! You can definitely decorate using patterns, while maintaining a more frugal style.

At the home of Lena Forsberg, Mille Notti's store manager, soft patterns, textiles and shapes draw attention - creating a vivid yet relaxing oasis. Here are Lena's best tips for starting to use patterns:

How to use patterns confidently - 5 tips

  1. Find a pattern that makes you feel calm and in harmony, ideally from nature as those stand the test of time. 

  2. Start with changeable textiles, such as bed linen or decorative cushions. 

  3. Stick to a cooler colour scheme, or combine rich patterns with a subdued base colour.

  4. Mix patterned pillowcases with neutral duvet covers or add patterned bed linen to bedspreads and pillows in more timeless tones.

  5. Finally, do not be afraid to blend different textures and materials. This will add vitality and energy.