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Our beds - a natural development

We have been designing bed linen for over 30 years. Why? Because we firmly believe that premium materials enhance your entire sleeping experience. This ambition demands that we create unique recipes for each quality. Which involves everything from the quality of the thread and thread density in the weave to preparation and treatment. Nothing is left to chance.

Somewhere along the way, the question arose, primarily from our customers: why don't we also manufacture beds?

In hindsight, it was an obvious step - a natural development that today allows customers all over the world to enjoy our beds.

We handcraft our beds with high quality materials. Our beds have a sturdy frame made from pine that has grown strong in the forests of northern Sweden, and they are manufactured in a Swedish-owned factory in Poland. We exclusively use Swedish quality springs, and our mattress toppers have a core of natural and flexible latex, providing an exclusive feeling and unbeatable comfort. Do we choose only sustainable materials? of course.

Photo: Julia Viklund

The process of manufacturing our beds is meticulous. It takes approximately 6-8 weeks from the time of ordering to bed delivery. The time invested is well-spent because we are not only building a bed, but we are creating enjoyment that lasts for years. Such an ambition must be allowed to take its time.