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What is sateen?

We're all different. We appreciate different things and enjoy different feelings. Most people are not sure of what material they sleep best in. But we can tell you this - if you appreciate soft, smooth, and luxurious, then you'll love sleeping in our cotton sateen.

What's sateen?
Sateen is a tightly-woven fabric with one thread above, and three or more below. This makes a fabric that's characterised by a delightfully soft feel and a unique lustre.

What makes Mille Notti's sateen different?
We weave our sateen from 100% combed cotton. This means that the cotton has been combed so that only the long, strong fibres remain - a prerequisite for creating sateen of the finest quality.

Our sateen bed linen is premium quality, with a thread count of between 340 and 800 threads per square inch. In general, the higher the thread density, the more exclusive the sateen, but also, the different thread densities make for different properties in the fabric. We've tested our products for years to achieve exactly the balance and refinement we seek in our sateen.

How does it feel like to sleep in sateen?
Sleeping in cotton sateen is an incomparable experience. It's just so wonderfully soft and luxurious! It's inviting and elegant and has a lustre that catches the eye. It´s hard to find anything nicer to sleep in. It's a feeling you simply must experience.

How do I care for my sateen bed linen?
Sateen requires a little more care than percale and linen. Machine wash it and line dry. Do not tumble dry sateen bed linen. To maintain the quality, iron or mangle the fabric while damp. This pressed the fibres down, which highlights and preserves the fabric's lustre and shine.