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What is thread count?

You've probably heard of the term 'thread count'. Maybe in a statement such as: "The higher the thread count, the better the quality!” But is that really true? Is the TC (Thread Count) the magic formula that will turn every night into a luxury? Actually, it could be. High thread count is often an indication of fine quality, but it's not just the thread count that determines the quality of the product. We've listed the main concepts so you can easily work out which bedding is best for you.

Thread count (TC) is the number of individual threads woven along the length and width per square inch of a fabric. If the fabric has a high thread count then more threads are present on the same surface area. A thread count of 200 means that 200 threads cross each other in the weave of each square inch (i.e. about 2.54 x 2.54 cm). When using finer thread that has longer and thinner cotton fibres, more thread can be woven into each square inch, resulting in a smoother, softer fabric. The higher the thread count a fabric has, the more durable it is.

If you want really comfortable bedding, you should definitely check the thread count of the fabric. However (and this is important), it's not only high thread count that matters. The number of threads doesn't matter at all if the quality of the material isn't up to scratch. An equally important factor, for example, is the weaving technique and the finishing. We can't emphasise enough how important all the steps are, in producing first-class bedding.

It's difficult to say what good thread count (TC) actually is. But some guideline values include a minimum thread count of around 120 – 150. Regular standard cotton bed linen usually has a thread count of around 150. At 180 the quality becomes noticeably better and at around 200 the weave has a density that is classified as percale, provided that it is plain weave. You can feel that it's a more luxurious, softer and more pliable fabric when the thread count is around 200 – 400. When the thread count reaches 400, the material still feels soft but it's also a bit heavier. When you get to a thread count of 600 you have an even, smooth weave that's shiny. When the thread count gets to around 800, it's an even more full-bodied weave, which makes it feel more crisp, while still being durable. However, if you want to invest in first-class bedding, it's important not to just get absorbed in the thread count alone. As mentioned previously, there are many different factors that determine the quality of a fabric. Different certification labels, where the cotton comes from and where the bedding is produced, can all affect the durability and quality of the final product.

Sleeping well every night is a dream for many of us. Maybe for you as well? If so, then you should stop focusing on just the thread count. Instead, choose bedding from a supplier that's an expert in all the steps in producing exclusive, extraordinary bedding.When Mille Notti makes bedding, it's all about getting exactly the right feeling. For each item, we create a unique recipe – covering everything from the quality of the thread, the thread count in the weave, the preparation and treatment - to knowledge, vast experience and good relationships with our suppliers. It's a tailored combination that creates sleeping experiences out of the ordinary, which you will enjoy for years to come.

Our premium bedding is available in thread counts between 230 and 800. Which one will be your favourite?

230 TC
Crisp and cool percale with a first-class hotel feel
Material: Fine combed organic cotton with GOTS certification. Thread count 230 tc.
Feeling: Smooth, cool and exclusive!
Design: Stylish, with a trim that frames the design and adds character.

Percale made of fine combed cotton with a romantic hem stitch
Material: Organic fine combed cotton with GOTS certificate. Thread count 230 tc.
Feeling: Crisp smooth and cool, just like in a hotel.
Design: Timeless white dream with a romantic hem stitch.

300 TC
Sustainable lyocell (TENCEL™) with a timeless floral pattern
Material: 50% fine combed cotton and 50% lyocell (TENCEL™). Thread count 300 tc.
Feeling: Crisp, cool and smooth! Material that wicks away moisture and can breathe.
Design: Romantic floral pattern with classic decorative edge.

340 TC
Classic GOTS satin quality made of organic cotton with tie ribbon
Material: Finely combed organic cotton. GOTS certified. Thread count 340 tc.
Feeling: Silky smooth with an elegant lustre.
Design: Sophisticated and timeless with decorative ties.

500 TC
Stylish satin classic that has become a customer favourite
Material: Fine combed cotton. Thread count 500 tc.
Feeling: Silky and soft with an intense shine.
Design: Style conscious with sober grey or sand border.

800 TC
A jewel among bed linens and our most exclusive duvet cover
Material: Combed cotton satin with 800 tc.
Feeling: Soft, full-bodied and luxurious with some crispness.
Design: Elegant with decorative embroidery in the frame around both the duvet cover and the pillowcase.

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