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What to consider when choosing bed linen!

There are bed linen and there are amazing bed linen. Making conscious choices when it comes to what you sleep in can be both a passion and a good investment.

When you choose high quality, you will get in addition to comfortable linens, an inviting bed and something that lasts over time. That is extra important in a world when sustainability is the most central.

There are many different materials and qualities to choose from when it comes to textiles. 100% fine combed cotton is a good basis for durable sheets. It is the weaving technique and the preparation of the fabrics that affect the product's feel and characteristics. Some materials are perceived as cool and crispy like Percale, some feel smooth and silky like Sateen and other flexible like linen.

Choose a color or a pattern that suits you and your bedroom. Think stylish and timeless, your bedding should feel as nice and beautiful for many years to come.

Last but not least, look at the origin of the product, where it is produced and what certificates the supplier has. Then we will help to contribute to a better and more sustainable world. And not least a more beautiful sleep.

Choosing quality is an investment for you and the environment.

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