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5 reasons why you should choose Satina

Here are 5 reasons why Satina is everything you've ever dreamed of

1. A feel like no other 
Sleeping in Satina is no ordinary pleasure - it offers a feel that's so soft, smooth, and luxurious, it must be experienced to be believed. The suppleness of sateen leads a lot of people to believe that sateen is more comfortable than any other type of bedding. All our sateen is made from 100% combed cotton and certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

2. For the whole family
Big or small, it doesn't matter. Sateen bed linen will have the whole family sleeping like logs for years to come. The very youngest members of the family actually tend to prefer sheets that are soft and smooth as opposed to crisp and cool like some others are.

3. Regulates temperature
Our cotton sateen is soft and breathable and can help regulate your body temperature during the night. In other words, sateen sheets are of a quality making them suitable for all year-round bedding.

4. Gentle on skin and hair
Sateen not only has a soft surface, it's also very smooth, which reduces friction on skin and hair. Lots of people who sleep in sateen experience reduced skin irritation, fewer sleep wrinkles and less frizzy hair.

5. Sustainable style
Looking for a stylish classic? Satina instantly upgrades your style, regardless of your interior design style. A lot of that is down to its luxurious lustre. An excellent choice for those who want to invest in an elegant favourite that lasts over time.