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How Peder discovered Percale

It was a summer day in the early 1990s, when Peder Wehtje, the founder of Mille Notti, travelled to Portugal for meetings with textile manufacturers. He had a dream of creating a story of his own, and through his experiences from primarily hotels around the world he had the idea of creating products for a marvellous sleeping experience.

This time he stayed in a Pousada, a Portuguese hostel, where the sheet in his bed felt just amazing. He brought the sheet in his bag, and later that day showed it as a sample to the manufacturer. With that as a reference, the Mille Notti Percale quality was born. This quality has since then, been a favorite and a truly appreciated quality in Mille Notti's product range. If you have not tried it, we can highly recommend this cool, crisp and long lasting quality that feels absolutely fantastic against your skin. This autumn we change the name on our white Percale to Pousada, and you might guess why. Stay tuned!

PS: Peder claims that he paid for the sheet in the Pousada, we make it unclear whether it is true or not.