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How to choose the right duvet

Looking for the perfect duvet? The best way to do that is to find out what kind of down duvet is most suitable for you and your needs. Start by deciding how hot or cold you want to be when you’re asleep. Remember that there are a range of things that can affect the temperature in addition to the duvet filling – the temperature in your bedroom, your personal body temperature or if you share your bed with someone else.

There are different types of down duvets. More filling creates more heat while less filling creates less heat and is cooler. All our duvets contain white, first-class goose from Europe. The distribution is 90% goose down and 10% goose feathers – a fabulously comfortable and fluffy combination. Available in three temperature grades: CoolMedium, Warm.  

Do you often feel warm in bed? Your duvet might have too much fill and be too heavy. This down duvet has less filling – perfect if you tend to get too warm during the night, your house is too warm or you want an extra duvet cover that you can change for warm summer nights.

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Are you neither too hot nor too cold? This duvet is perfect! Our most popular duvet is perfect if your bedroom is the same temperature all year round. This duvet is also a good choice if you’re warm in bed but your house is cool.

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Are you often cold at night? Your duvet might not have enough fill and be too light. Our warm down duvet will suit you if you get cold easily. If you live in a house that is cold in winter or you like a cool bedroom this duvet is a good option.  

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Tips! Change your duvet according to the season – have a warm duvet for the winter and a cool duvet for summer.  

When you choose your down duvet, the temperature in your bedroom is an important factor. The optimal temperature is around eighteen to twenty degrees, but you should work out the temperature that is best for you to sleep well. A helpful thing to remember is that other things can affect your temperature.

Sharing your duvet 
Do you share your duvet? Then you need a duvet with less filling. Sharing your bed and duvet can make it warmer in bed for both of you.  

Too many clothes on 
To make it easier for your body to maintain the right temperature during the night, it is a good idea to sleep with as little clothes on as possible. Otherwise your body might not be able to cool down properly and this might impact your quality of sleep.  

Summer heat! 
Many people sleep worse during summer, which is probably because they can’t cool down properly. In addition to choosing a cool duvet: a good fan, open windows and pulling blinds or curtains during the day are all good ideas.

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Our down products contain first-class down from Europe, audited by IDFL and are recommended by the Asthma Allergy Nordic organisation.

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