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How to decorate with patterns - 5 tips 

Are you keen on decorating with patterns but not quite daring enough? Think again! It's perfectly fine to style with patterns while maintaining a more restrained style.

  1. Choose patterns that bring you calmness

    Find a pattern that brings you peace and harmony - preferably from nature, they stand the test of time. The goal is to create an environment where different patterns can complement each other without creating a cluttered impression.

  2. Start with interchangeable textiles

    A good tip when dealing with small, patterned designs is to use simple accents to break and create breathing space. Start with interchangeable textiles such as bed linen or decorative cushions.

  3. Find the right colour palette

    It's incredibly fun to mix and match different patterns, but it's easy for it to become too much. Stick to a clear colour palette when decorating a room or combine rich patterns with a more sober base.

  4. Mix patterns with neutrals

    Don't be afraid to mix patterned pillowcases with neutral duvet covers, or style patterned bedding with bedspreads and cushions in more timeless shades. This way, you create an inviting bed with delightful depth.

  5. Don't be afraid!

    And finally, don't be afraid of patterns or mixing different textures and materials - it adds life and energy to your interior design!

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