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  • Morris & Co.
    x Mille Notti

    This season’s most delightful collaboration is here! William Morris's celebrated patterns on Mille Notti's exclusive fabrics offer a harmonious blend of material and design, promising a marvellous sleep experience.

Iconic Strawberry Thief

Strawberry Thief is a stylized pattern where birds, strawberries, flowers, and leaves coexist side by side. One of William Morris's most celebrated patterns. Printed on premium percale made of 100% combed cotton.

Classic Marigold

Marigold is an energetic pattern with swirling movements of marigold flowers and lush foliage, designed as early as 1875. Timeless, rich, and exquisite. Printed on premium percale made of 100% combed cotton.

The sensation of sleeping in percale

With our percale, you get the coveted 'hotel feel' – smooth, crisp, and luxurious!
We weave our percale from 100% combed cotton – a prerequisite to create a weave of the utmost quality that is durable to withstand regular laundering.

How to decorate with patterns - 5 tips

Are you keen on decorating with patterns but not quite daring enough?
Think again! It's perfectly fine to style with patterns while maintaining a more restrained style.

160 years of print magic

William Morris was one of the most prominent and influential designers of the 19th century. William Morris's history and heritage, as well as the nostalgia of his designs, is a perfect fit for those who appreciate handmade products and genuine craftsmanship.

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