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Bed guide - How to choose the perfect bed

Choosing a new bed can be overwhelming, but with the right guidance, it becomes a breeze. From design considerations to firmness options, here's a comprehensive guide to help you choose the ideal bed.

Select the right type of bed
There is no universal "dream bed" that suits everyone's needs. Each person is unique, so the first step is determining the type of bed that appeals to you.

Frame Bed: A timeless classic, the frame bed features a spring base enclosed within a sturdy wooden frame. You can customize the firmness by choosing between firm or medium options. Complete the ensemble with a mattress topper and bed legs that suit your preferences. Add a touch of style with a headboard and bed skirt or place it within a bed frame. Our frame beds, Marcello and Dino, promise years of restful sleep.

Continental Bed: Experience luxury and elegance with a continental bed. We offer high (Lorenzo) and low (Alberto) designs. A continental bed comprises three layers: a spring base, an intermediate mattress, and a mattress topper. If you share the bed, you can select different firmness levels for the middle mattress, ensuring personalized comfort for both sleepers. Pair it with our exclusive headboards and choose suitable bed legs. For continental beds, we recommend using shorter legs.

Mattress topper: Enhance your sleep experience with a mattress topper. Choose between the luxurious Claudia, offering a slightly softer feel, or the simpler and firmer Alda. Protect your mattress topper from stains with a mattress protector. For an exceptional sleeping experience, consider adding our Featherbed on top — a fluffy, luxurious mattress filled with feathers and down for a soft and cosy feel.

Prioritize sustainability
Opting for a durable and sustainable bed is crucial, as it benefits both you and the environment. Pay attention to the origin of the materials used in the bed´s construction. Additionally, ensure that the beds are manufactured under ethical conditions. Our beds are crafted in a Swedish-owned factory in Poland, using slow-grown pine wood from Northern Swedish forests and high-quality Swedish springs. By investing in a premium, sustainably produced bed tailored to your needs, you'll enjoy years of restful nights.

Choose the right firmness
Selecting the appropriate firmness is vital for optimal comfort and support. Factors such as height, weight, body shape, and sleeping style play a role. Here are some tips for different sleeping styles:

Sleeping on the back
Look for a bed that relieves pressure on the hips and shoulders while supporting the lumbar spine. Avoid sinking too deeply and ensure proper support for the shoulders and neck.

Sleeping on the side
For side sleepers who often sleep in a slightly curled position, it is important that both the shoulder and hip are relieved, and that the waist is supported.

Sleeping on the stomach
Choose a firm bed that keeps the spine aligned, preventing neck and back pain. Avoid excessive sinking of the stomach and chest.

Choose your ideal design
When selecting your dream bed, it's not just about comfort—it should also enhance the overall look of your bedroom. The design and style you choose will influence the ambiance of the space. Consider factors such as colour, size, and whether you want a headboard or not. Explore different options and let your personal style shine through. Stay true to your preferences, and you'll discover a design that you'll love and enjoy for years to come.

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Selecting the perfect pillow
Choosing the right pillow is almost as crucial as selecting the right mattress topper. The key is to ensure that they complement each other. If you have a soft mattress and sink down a lot, a high pillow might be too elevated, and vice versa. In other words, using the wrong pillow can prevent you from experiencing the full benefits of your mattress. Make sure your pillow matches the characteristics of your mattress for optimal comfort and support.

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Seek advice and ask questions
While there are many resources available online, it's still not possible to try out beds virtually. Until that becomes an option, don't hesitate to seek assistance from our knowledgeable store consultants. They are here to address all your inquiries and guide you through the decision-making process. Take your time when testing out our beds—it typically takes around seven to eight minutes for your body to fully relax. Rest assured, if you happen to doze off, we'll gently wake you up.

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